3rd Party Integrations

Gain extra traction with ready to use 3rd Party Integrations.

  • Integrated Payment Gateway

    Currently iShop support PayPoint.net. iShop bear all costs and handle all communications, keeping your hands free to work on your business.

  • Stripe

    Stripe allows you to seamlessly take payments. Unlike PayPal your customers will not be redirected to a 3rd party payment page. Your Stripe account can be setup quickly, giving you fast and secure online payments.

  • PayPal

    PayPal is ready to go, simply generate API credentials within your account and you can begin taking payments.

  • iDeal

    Currently popular in Europe, particularly The Netherlands, iDeal is a payment gateway that allows funds to be transferred directly to the shopkeeper's account, just like a bank transfer but with automatic confirmation of receipt.

  • Channel Advisor & Linnworks

    Channel Advisor and Linnworks both provide the ability to keep your inventory and stock synchronised across multiple sales channels including eBay and Amazon.

  • Facebook, Twitter

    Social networking is an integral part of maintaining an online presence. iShop make it as easy as possible to get customers interacting with your online business through social networking channels.

  • Groupon & Wowcher

    Daily deal sites took the web by storm a few of years back. Whether you're looking to clear stock or become introduced to new customers iShop takes the hassle out of daily deal sites by providing the information in the correct format that you need to get paid by the deal site.

  • Trustpilot & Reviews.co.uk

    Providing a high quality service should be rewarded, hopefully your customers review your efforts, because displaying gleaming reviews on-site has a huge impact on conversion rates. iShop makes it easy to manage the invitations to write reviews, qualifying real customers, add the widget and more.

  • Google Shopping, Affiliate Window, Shopzilla, Tradebox, Nextag & Shopping.com

    Broadening your sales channels can help raise turnover, and affiliate sites are a great way to achieve this. iShop makes this easy for you by providing product feeds to all the major affiliate networks. Additional product feeds are available on request.

  • Google Certified Shops

    Becoming a Google Certified Shop typically improves conversion rates by 15% to 30%. Providing a top quality service is a prerequisite but iShop makes the rest possible, sourcing and installing the required SSL certificate and passing the correct details to Google regarding shipping.

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Frequently Asked Integration Questions

If your question isn't listed below just call us on 0800 368 8095 and we'll be happy to assist.

  • Can any 3rd party system be integrated?

    Theoretically yes. Cost is the only prohibiting factor, iShop strive to be the most affordable bespoke e-commerce platform on the market, we'll happily quote you before undertaking custom integration work.

  • Can 3rd parties do the integration work?

    In some cases they can. However iShop databases and backend scripts are protected and not publicly accessible by anyone outside of iShop Ltd. This may prohibit, in some cases, 3rd party developers from accessing areas of your system they would require to complete the integration work. Front end development is accessible through your login area.

  • What rate do iShop charge for bespoke integration?

    iShop's current rate for bespoke programming work is £90/hr billed in 1 minute increments.

  • Are there ongoing service charges for integrations?

    On occasion integrations may require maintenance or updates to remain fully functional. Bespoke integrations undertaken solely for yourself may incur costs for maintenance. Costs for maintaining shared integrations are spread and integrations provided to everyone are maintained for free.

  • Are all integrations chargeable?

    No. Regular iShop platform developments often include integrations with 3rd parties.

  • How quickly can 3rd party integrations be completed?

    Every system is different, factors include the quality of documentation provided, the complexity of the functionality and the severity of risk requiring extra stringent testing.

  • Do I pay 3rd parties directly?

    The costs of certain integrations provided to all our customers such as postcode lookup within the basket are covered by the iShop package. In some cases iShop may attempt to get a group discount for all our users but payments for chargeable 3rd party integrations are generally paid directly to the provider.

  • How is development work billed?

    Cost estimates/quotes are issued prior to commencing work, these will be invoiced on completion of the work on our standard payment terms.