Features That Remove Your Technical Hurdles

iShop makes it easy for you to trade online whatever your technical knowledge


  • Unlimited design possibilities

    There are no limits to possible design layouts on the iShop Flex platform, you can customise a template yourself or have our in-house team create a bespoke design to suit your brand.

  • Page Specific Layouts

    Our platform is designed to be a modular component system. You have full access to alter the PHP that generates your site, enabling easy customisation of your iShop across the board or on a page-by-page basis.

  • Your Own Domain name

    Whether you already own a domain name or need to register a new one our team will help with all technicalities of using it on your iShop.

  • On-site Editing

    Manage every aspect of your iShop easily with iShop's on-site editing tools. Accessible from any web-connected computer in the world you'll always be in full control of your iShop.

  • Split Testing

    Our integrated split testing tools allow you to validate any adjustments you make to your iShop, allowing you to rest assured you're always moving in the right direction.

  • On-site Blogs and Social Networking

    Making as many connections as possible will broaden your business network reach, bundled tools and services allow you to focus on making connections, not technical concerns.

  • Mobile Ready Solutions

    Our standard responsive system adapts to your customers device ensuring they receive the best possible experience regardless of the device they're using.

  • 2-Stage Publishing

    Publishing allows for work to be conducted in "edit" mode without affecting your live site. When your changes are complete simply publish the site to a test environment and then onto the live site.

Basket & Checkout

  • Security

    We employ the same 256-bit SSL encryption technology that the banks use for all credit card data transmitted.

  • Payment Methods

    The iShop checkout is integrated with multiple payment networks. You can accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express using your own Internet Merchant account, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express, Stripe and iDeal.

  • Flexible Shipping Rates

    iShop takes the hassle out of complex delivery rate setups. Rates can be assigned to regions, locked by postcode so the right amount is always charged. Customers can choose from appropriate delivery services based on the shipping weight of their order.

  • Multiple Currencies

    iShop make it easy for your customers to pay in their own currency. You can assign a flat conversion rate from your home currency to any currency you choose to accept, alternatively you can set the price of each item in each currency separately.

  • Conversion Rate Assistance

    Gain otherwise lost sales by automatically contacting customers regarding their abandoned checkouts, allowing them to immediately return to the order and complete the purchase.

  • Promotional Offers

    Create combinations of deals such as "3 for 2", "buy one get one half price", "buy one get one free", "Buy product A and get 50% off of product B", etc. Offers can be applied across the board or on specified products. Our checkout ensures your customer gets the best deals you have available.

  • Checkout Accounts

    Your customers may checkout as guests or create their own account. This will retain their previously used addresses, purchase history, marketing profile, etc.

  • Custom Baskets

    Create and send customised baskets to your customers. Allowing you to take payment for products or combinations of products at prices not available to everyone or products that are not even shown on the site.

Shop Management

  • Customer Profiles

    Boost sales by marketing appropriately to your customers by analysing their purchase history, extracting the necessary contact details and even importing directly into bulk mail services.

  • Customer Accounts

    Keep tabs on correspondence, profile customer purchasing habits, offer personalised offers/discounts etc.

  • Order Management

    Process orders with ease, send automatic dispatch notifications by email, keep customers up-to-date with order progress, debit payment in full or partially.

  • Refunds & Debits

    Partially or fully refund orders, and automatically receive a refund of our commission charges. Additional products and/or extra charges can be added to existing orders.

  • Stock Management

    Fulfilment houses can be integrated or simply use iShop's stock management tools to keep your inventory information up-to-date.

  • Always Remain Connected

    Our responsive management suite allows you to access iShop tools from all devices enabling you to connect with your business wherever you are.

Marketing & SEO

  • Optimised for Major Search Engines

    Out of the box all iShops are designed with SEO in mind. Where possible the system automates h1, title and meta description tags but overriding with handwritten content is possible on a per product basis.

  • Automated Sitemaps

    Sitemaps are generated and updated in real-time so your automatically exported data will always be up-to-date.

  • Google Ad Promotions

    As accredited Google Partners we are able to get you special promotions offered by Google ensuring you have the best chance of success.

  • Email Marketing

    Keep customers up-to-date with promotions and product releases via email through Mail Wizard, Mailer Mailer, MailChimp or any other bulk email platform.

  • Facebook & Social Connections

    Engage customers using Facebook through your iShop. Collect likes, allow customers to share pages, display Facebook feeds from your wall embedded in your iShop.

  • Product Reviews

    Your customers will be better informed and encouraged to purchase by other customers reviews whilst also boosting your SEO friendly content.

  • Discount Vouchers, Coupons and Gift Cards

    Vouchers of all kinds can be issued to your customers, shared, multi-use or once only unique codes, monetary or percentage deductions. Gift cards that reduce balance with each spend.

  • Personal SEO Assistance

    Our in-house SEO team conduct regular training for all aspects of SEO and marketing with the sole goal of improving your conversion rate and ROI. All merchants are welcome to participate in this program.

  • Cross Channel / Affiliate Marketing

    Update Google product feed, other product marketing and affiliate platforms automatically.

  • Folder-less Canonical Product Locations

    iShop utilise techniques to ensure future changes to product URLs can be made without impacting your search engine listings.

  • SEO Rich Snippets

    Integrate schema.org rich snippets to maximise your impact on the major search engines.

Product Management

  • Inventory Management

    Stop selling a product or take pre-orders when stock runs out, configurable on a per product basis.

  • Fulfilment Expectations

    Keeping customers informed at the point of sale boosts conversions and reduces hassle for customer facing teams. Configurable per product inform your customer when they'll receive their purchase relative to the order time/date.

  • Product Variations

    Different colours, sizes, etc can share a product page with a variety of layouts for selecting the appropriate product option. Products each have their own SKU, inventory, images, price, etc.

  • Product Categorisation

    Products can be loaded into multiple sections where appropriate whilst sharing core data, canonical tags ensure your content is not considered duplicate.

  • Product Filters

    Customers can filter and sort product pages based on price, delivery times or any number of additional custom data fields.

  • Image & Video Galleries

    Fully showcase your products with multiple images and video embedded into a touchscreen-friendly gallery on product pages.

  • Custom Product Data Tags

    Any number of product data fields can be stored against a product allowing for on-page filtering, product comparison, showing/hiding badges on product thumbnails and main product page, categorising product, etc.

  • Import/Export Product Data

    Import, export and update products using spreadsheets in CSV or XLS format.

  • Unlimited Product Count

    Showcase a limitless number of products on your iShop.

Webserver Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    We don't charge extra depending on visitors or bandwidth used.

  • Regular Data Backups

    Every aspect of your online business is backed up daily and stored indefinitely.

  • Cloud Computing Technology

    All our servers are scalable and will automatically scale up during your regular busy times or unexpected spike in traffic due to media exposure.

  • 99.98% Uptime with 24/7 Monitoring

    We make it our business to ensure your business is trading 24/7.

  • Email Hosting

    If you have an iShop you get free email services included on your domain.

  • HTTPS SSL Secure Hosting

    Your site will operate under the preferred https://yourshop.com for added SEO and the ability to host your checkout without leaving your domain.


  • Google Analytics

    Every iShop is ready to link to a Google Analytics account. Just input your UA number and start tracking visitors, orders, referrers and conversion rates.

  • Google Event Tracking

    Set up custom events within Google Analytics allowing you to probe the behaviours of customers.

  • Product Sales Tracking

    Real-time reports of which products are performing well and which aren't enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Bank Reconciliation Export

    Export sales and bank reconciliation data for your accountant to keep on top of business.

Expert Support

  • UK Support Line

    Support is provided in-house here in the UK, you will always be able to speak to someone that knows iShop's system inside and out.

  • WebTrader Workshops

    All perspective and experienced iShopkeepers are invited to our workshops to learn how to improve their online business.