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Hinchcliffe British Sea Life DVD, by Anita Sherwood

£15.25 Inc. VAT
British Sea Life DVD, by Anita Sherwood
Watersports Warehouse, UNIT 15A,, Long Rock Industrial Estate, Long Rock, Penzance, CORNWALL TR20 8HX, United Kingdom
Hinchcliffe British Sea Life DVD, by Anita Sherwood - Get it now from Watersports Warehouse
British Sea Life DVD by Anita Sherwood

In this British Sea Life DVD, Anita Sherwood opens a window for all to view the vast array of creatures around our coastline. The videography and compilation of this British Sea Life DVD offers crisp, vivid images of a variety of lifeforms only the most observant may have found in their own diving experiences.Excellent for divers, snorkellers and non-divers alike, the British Sea Life DVD is of encyclopaedic proportions set out in chapters which are easily navigated. Relax for one epic journey through our coastal waters from the southern sea cliffs to the Scottish lochs, or dive into it scene by scene to suit. This documentary records over 170 species, observing their peculiarities and feeding habits.

DVD Details

  • Approx 3 hours of footage
  • DVD identification directory to move quickly to a specific creature
  • Limited edition 16 page full colour ID supplement