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USA Bronze Star Ribbon

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USA Bronze Star Ribbon
The Mess Dress, 88 Stewart Road, Bournemouth, UK
USA Bronze Star Ribbon - Get it now from The Mess Dress
USA Bronze Star Ribbon, Full Size and Miniature available @ 6 per medal. Criteria: Heroic or meritorious achievement or service not involving participation in aerial flight. President Roosevelt authorized the Bronze Star Medal by Executive Order 9419 dated 4 February 1944, retroactive to 7 December 1941. This authorization was announced in War Department Bulletin No. 3, dated 10 February 1944. A retro-active authorization of the Bronze Star Medal to soldiers who had received the Combat Infantryman Badge or the Combat Medical Badge during World War II was done in 1947. The basis for doing this was that the badges were awarded only to soldiers who had borne these hardships. This resulted in the support of the Bronze Star Medal by General Marshall. The V (Valor device) was authorized in 1944 as an attachment to the Bronze Star Medal