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Concept Research Pest Deterrents Mole-Watch Ultrasonic Mole Deterrent

£13.02 Inc. VAT
Mole-Watch Ultrasonic Mole Deterrent
Inavata T/as Electric Fence Online, 49, Grenville Road, Braintree, ESSEX, CM7 2PP, United Kingdom
Concept Research Pest Deterrents Mole-Watch Ultrasonic Mole Deterrent - Get it now from Inavata T/as Electric Fence Online

The unique ultrasonic Mole-Watch mole deterrent evicts moles, voles, shrews and other burrowing pests from your garden, for good!

Mole-watch produces a high frequency noise signal (300 Hz) which causes moles and other rodents discomfort. The noise does not harm the animals in any way and does not affect household pets, worms and garden wildlife.

Installed by simply pushing it into the ground, the Mole-Watch mole deterrent protects an area up to 1000sqm and operates continuously for up to 6-months on one set of batteries.

As with all ultrasonic pest deterrents, it takes a little time for the animals to ‘learn’ to stay away from the protected area. Typically, Mole-Watch will start to clear the protected land after 5-7 days, but in some cases, it could take up to 6-8 weeks for the full deterrent effect to be seen.

Main features:

  • Suitable for moles, shrews, voles and other burrowing rodents
  • Completely harmless to pets, worms and other wildlife
  • Environmentally friendly and humane - no poisons or traps
  • Protects an area of up to 1000 sq. metres
  • Installed in seconds
  • Batteries last up to 6-months
  • Full weatherproof and maintenance free