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Hotline Electric Fencing Plastic In-Line Tensioner

£6.12 Inc. VAT
Plastic In-Line Tensioner
Inavata T/as Electric Fence Online, 49, Grenville Road, Braintree, ESSEX, CM7 2PP, United Kingdom
Hotline Electric Fencing Plastic In-Line Tensioner - Get it now from Inavata T/as Electric Fence Online

Plastic In-Line Tensioner from Hotline for Polywire and Rope fences. Supplied in pairs and very handy to have a few readily available, for quick adjustments to your fence.

The tensioner is designed to simplify the task of quickly tensioning a Polywire or Rope line and can be used with a large screwdriver for extra leverage, or simply by twisting with your fingers. The tensioner is manufactured using high grade, durable and long lasting plastic and the in-line tensioner is suitable for any fence line materials of up to 7mm diameter.

This Tensioner is most suitable for electric fences constructed using:

  • Wire: Yes, but better alternatives for long term use such as Aluminium In-Line Tensioner.
  • High Tensile Wire: No
  • Polywire: Yes - Best
  • Electro-Rope: Yes
  • Electro-Tape: No

Sold in packs of 2

Please review the above materials in the Wires and Tapes section.