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Hotline Electric Fencing Tail Tape

£3.48 Inc. VAT
Tail Tape
Inavata T/as Electric Fence Online, 49, Grenville Road, Braintree, ESSEX, CM7 2PP, United Kingdom
Hotline Electric Fencing Tail Tape - Get it now from Inavata T/as Electric Fence Online

Waterproof cloth tape, very helpful for animal identification. This is an extremely strong adhesive tape that would be suitable for many applications, indoor and out. In the electric fencing world it is referred to as tail tape and is often used to identify animals in a flock/herd.

Supplied in convenient 10m rolls in five colours - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White.

Sold singularly, packs of 5 (1 of each colour) & packs of 10 (2 of each colour).

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