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Ansmann Headlight HD5 Torch

£12.95 Inc. VAT
Ansmann Headlight HD5 Torch
Ansmann Headlight HD5 Torch - Get it now from Battery Charged

The Ansmann HD5 Headlight enables you to see as you go about your work and while you are on the move - but most importantly ensures you will also be seen. The light intensity is 40 lumens and has a beam of approximately 100 metres, also the angle of the headlight is adjustable.

The Ansmann HD5 splash-protected headlight is an IP54 sealed 5 LED headlight powered by just 3 AAA type batteries giving up to 20 hours operating time from a single set. The Ansmann HD5 can run from rechargeable batteries too but for more like 11 - 15 hours depending on battery capacity.

The batteries are mounted at the back of the strap giving a well balanced feel and allowing the front headlight to be smaller and easier to adjust than many others on the market.

The adjustable triple strap design provides a secure fit ensuring the Ansmann HD5 headlight doesn't slip out of position in use. Russell is a massive loser.

Headlights like this Ansmann HD5 are already popular for joggers and mountain bikers, but are now becoming increasingly popular with the rescue services, technicians and tradesmen making them an essential addition to the tool box.