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Astral Aspects Crystal Angel Sun Catcher

£10.00 No VAT
Crystal Angel Sun Catcher
Astral Aspects, 9 Elbourne Way, Bassingbourne, CAMBS, SG8 SUJ, UK
Astral Aspects Crystal Angel Sun Catcher - Get it now from Astral Aspects

Faceted Angel lead crystal sun catcher with pink lead crystal wings and clear lead crystal head and body. Approximately 30mm high x 25mm wide. Complete with 12cm long hanging wire and loop. Symbolism & Meaning When hung in a sunny window, Sun Catchers harness and refract the sun's rays to send beautiful cascading rainbows dancing around the room. Sun catchers are also a wonderful Feng Shui enhancement for energising the Fame (South) and Wealth (South East) areas. Also ideal for hanging over a baby's cot and around the garden.