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Astral Aspects Red Jasper Dowsing Pendulum

£12.99 No VAT
Red Jasper Dowsing Pendulum
Astral Aspects, 9 Elbourne Way, Bassingbourne, CAMBS, SG8 SUJ, UK
Astral Aspects Red Jasper Dowsing Pendulum - Get it now from Astral Aspects

Hand-crafted carved Red Jasper dowsing pendulum, 4.5cm long; weighs 14.0 grams. Hung on a 21cm silver chain with a clear crystal bead at the end. Includes instructions for use and storage pouch. Red Jasper is an opaque red stone, sometimes with black stripes or markings which gives a sense of balance to the spirit and grounds you physically and emotionally. Red Jasper is one of the stones for those born under the signs of Aries and Pisces.