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925 Silver Collection Sterling Silver Paw Print Charm/Pendant

£13.00 No VAT
Sterling Silver Paw Print Charm/Pendant
Astral Aspects, 9 Elbourne Way, Bassingbourne, CAMBS, SG8 SUJ, UK
925 Silver Collection Sterling Silver Paw Print Charm/Pendant - Get it now from Astral Aspects

Cute little 925 sterling silver disc etched with a paw print inlaid with clear Cubic Zirconias. 10mm diameter excluding chain bale and weighs 0.95 grams. Complete with Astral Aspects satin drawstring pouch. Suitable charm carriers and chains are shown below Symbolism & Meaning Whilst the most common meaning of a paw print is a sign of moving forward, they can simply be a reminder of a much-loved pet. In addition, the paw print of a particular animal can symbolise certain characteristics of that animal that you see within yourself or wish to embody. For instance, a Dog paw print symbolises protection, loyalty and companionship and a Cat paw print symbolises magic, intuition and the subconscious. Promoting unconditional love for yourself and others, Cubic Zirconia harmonises your spiritual nature with the earth. It helps you recognise that you are a spiritual being on a human journey and highlights the oneness from which all souls originated.