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Heat Outdoors Velcro Bracket

£18.93 Ex. VAT
Velcro Bracket
Heat Outdoors Velcro Bracket - Get it now from Heat Outdoors
Heater Mounting Bracket - Velcro

There are many shapes and sizes of heaters available, however, mounting them where needed can sometimes be a challenge.

The Velcro mounting bracket provides excellent support for the heaviest of heaters and can be fixed either vertically or horizontally as needed due to its two fixing points.

The Velcro bracket is an inspirationally designed piece of kit and will fit onto almost any pole, spar, pipe or wooden support whether it is round square or no shape at all such as the branch of a tree! Indoor or outdoor environments. It offers the convenience of complete portability as it can be fixed or removed in seconds allowing a heater that would normally be fixed in place, to be portable and therefore even more functional and versatile.